50-plus Achievers Roll of Honour

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was a South African anti-apartheid revolutionary, politician, and philanthropist who became President of South Africa at 74.

Lew Wallace was 53 when he wrote Ben Hur, called "the most influential Christian book of the nineteenth century. He was a lawyer and a Union General in the American Civil War.


Ray Kroc started McDonald's at the age of 52. Yes, he's to blame for the world fast-food addiction!

Peter Mark Roget is best known for publishing, in 1852, at aged 52, the Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases, which is now known as Roget's Theasurus and has never been out of print!


Colonel Harland Saunders founded Kentucky Fried Chicken when he was 62.

After a remarkable acting career, Ronald Reagan became the 40th American President at 70 years old.

Francis "Frank" McCourt started writing at 65. He was an Irish-American teacher and writer who won a Pulitzer Prize for his incredible novel "Angela's Ashes" which was later made into a film.

Kathryn Joosten had her first acting breakthrough at 59 and went on to win two Emmys for her role as Karen McCluskey in Desperate Housewives.

Daphne Selfe, 85, is reknowned at the oldest Supermodel, having modelled for Vogue and Dolce & Gabbana. Her desire is to inspire you to embrace all stages of your life and truly believe it just gets better and better. 

Jacky O'Shaughnessy, was the 2013/2014 face of American Apparel at 62.

Alice Monro, 82, the renowned Canadian short-story writer won the 2013 Nobel Prize in Literature.

in 1911, Charles Ranlett Flint, 61, formed the Computing-Tabulating-Recoridng Company. In 1924, it was re-branded as International Business Machines (IBM).

Gordon Bowker is an American entrepreneur. He began as a writer and went on to co-found Starbucks, at 51, along with Jerry Baldwin and Zev Siegl.

Ferdinand Porsche was 56 when he founded Porsche in April 1931.

Peggy McAlpine, from Stirling, Scotland, was 104 when she became the world's olderst paraglider. At 101 she rode a Harley and celebrated her 80th with a bungee jump!

Alice Porlock of Great Britain published her first book, Portrait of My Victorian Youth, when she was 102 years old.

Teiichi Igarashi, 100, was wearing heavy socks but no shoes and was carrying a cane, when he reached the 12,385-foot summit of Mount Fuji after a three-day climb that included two overnight stops. He had also climbed the mountain the previous year.

Harry Bernstein, who died on June 3 aged 101, caused a literary stir when, aged 96, he published a remarkable memoir of a childhood blighted by squalor, abuse and anti-Semitism in the slums of Stockport during and after the First World War. The book, "The Invisible Wall," he wrote to cope with loneliness after his wife died.


Dr Allan Stewart, a 97-year-old retired Australian dentist, just received his masters degree in clinical science from Southern Cross University setting the new world record for Oldest graduate, according to the World Record Academy

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