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London seminar by bfa


As the voice and self regulating body of the franchising industry, the British Franchise Association (bfa) is best placed to educate potential franchisees about the opportunities that franchising can offer.

Whatever franchise you are considering investing in, there are many key criteria and questions that you need to consider and ask – both of yourself and your potential franchisor. Not only will you need to know what questions to ask, but you also need to know the various steps that are required before you actually start your first day of work as a franchisee.

Prospective franchisee seminars provide you with the insight and tools for you to be able to approach the world of franchising with focus and purpose. They allow you to think about some of the key considerations you need to make in regards to both the franchise and your own circumstances and personality. Being your own boss is an appealing concept, but it does not come without hard work and commitment.

During this one day seminar, you will hear from the bfa on the important considerations and structure relating to franchising. You will be taken through some of the financial considerations of which you will need to be aware and you will hear from a bank about raising finance. A franchisee will also share with you their first-hand experiences about what it is like to be a franchisee and their experiences when they were starting the business. You will also hear about what franchisors look for and how they choose their franchisees. You will even be given an introduction to the franchise agreement, the document that sets out how the franchise will work and what you should expect.

Who should attend?

Anyone considering starting their own business will find this seminar vitally important. Whether you have considered franchising or not, whether you have started to evaluate opportunities or are right at the very beginning, this seminar will give guidance, provide cautionary notes and should provide a clear structure for your research. 

About the speakers

The speakers for the seminar have a broad knowledge of the UK franchise sector, having worked with established UK franchised businesses for a number of years. With specialists from the bfa, together with franchise lawyers, accountants and bankers, the contributors are well placed to answer any franchising query. In addition, guest speakers from UK franchise businesses and established franchisees will illustrate both sides of the franchise relationship. 

Franchise seminar content

  • What is a franchise?
  • The benefits of franchising as a means of starting your own business
  • The advantages and disadvantages of franchising
  • What is a good franchise opportunity?
  • How to assess the opportunity
  • How to finance the right proposition
  • Understanding the franchise agreement and the importance of independent legal advice
  • The support and advice that is available


The seminar consists of a series of balanced presentations delivered by speakers with practical experience of franchising. Full of relevant case studies, it will highlight best practice and help you to identify the potential problems and pitfalls of franchising.

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