Water Aerobics

Classes in your local baths

Most councils run Water Aerobics programmes for 50 plus and Seniors at their local swimming pools, normally in the mornings. We are in the process of providing a complete list which we will send you if you click on the enquiry button below.

Water aerobics is easy on the joints and can even increase muscle strength and endurance due to the water's built-in resistance. This form of exercise is preferred by many as opposed to a more traditional form of fitness, like hitting the gym, because the weight doesn't pull the person down the same way a regular workout would. Therefore, a person can exercise longer on water than on land without the extra effort or the joint and muscle pain that often accompanies a regular exercise routine because of its low impact.

So what are you waiting for? Fins out where your local water aerobics classes are by clicking on the enquiry burtton below.

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