Tank Paintball Battle


Let battle commence with a rip-roaring tank paintballing experience in Leicestershire. This unique experience is a great alternative to regular paintball and combines an adrenaline-pumping mix of combat, target practise and tank driving. Kick off with a comprehensive safety briefing before meeting the crew and donning a specialist combat uniform. Once ready, each take turns (within a team of three) at driving a colossal turreted FV432 tank, both up top and through a periscope, before target practice with a 40mm cannon. Conclude with an all-out battle - work as a team by negotiating the tank through the warzone (assuming the role of driver, loader or shooter) whilst firing paintballs at the enemy. Who dares wins!

  • Let battle commence with a thrilling tank paintballing session
  • Take control of a turreted FV432 combat tank
  • Learn to load and shoot targets
  • Work as a team to defeat the enemy in the final showdown!

Duration 3hrs  Cost £120 - 10% membership discount

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