Club Membership Benefits

Club membership will be free, this year, for the first 500 members.

If you attend your local club meeting, however, you may be asked to contribute to the cost of the meeting room and refreshments, but this will never exceed £5, and you will be notified of the amount in advance. This contribution is totally voluntary, as we would not like to think that anyone did not attend because they were unable to afford it.

Membership benefits include:

  • A great deal of useful advice as well as many inspirational videos, quotes and success stories on this website, some members only.
  • You can attend our monthly meetings in London and listen to experienced Life Coaches such as Carole Ann Rice and Marisa Peer. Book you place at
  • You can join us on Achiever Challenges to stretch yourself and raise money for your favourite charities.
  • You can promote your talents and skills and share them with other members, either on a fee basis or gratis and either to a group or on a one-to-one basis.
  • You can book yourself on one of our exotic trips and tick off another item on your bucket list.
  • You can download useful personal productivity tools such as our Goal Tracker and Weekly Planner.
  • You can get a daily feed of motivational quotes and stories from out twitter feed ( and Facebook page (
  • You will be invited to attend our regular seminars and annual conference.
  • You can make friends, communicate with other member and network via our social media network.
  • You can organise your own local 50-plus Achievers meetings and activities and we will give you the requisite tools.
  • You can post your own experiences, photos and videos on our website.
  • As you reach your goals you will be able to apply for a 50-plus Achievers Certificate and Pin.
  • We will also supply you with a steady supply of FREE personal development and advisory e-books.

So join today. It's FREE if you are one of the first 500 members.


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