Club Meetings

We organize local meetings and invite others who are 50-plus to come along. The meetings will help you greatly in reaching your goals, as you will receive advice, support and encouragement from other members. Being accountable and having to report on your progress to the other members will give you the incentive to make sure you have something to report on!

If there are no meetings in your locality, don't worry, let us know and we will help you get one started.

We normally meet once a month. The only charge for attending these meetings is the cost of the venue and refreshments, normally under £4-£5 ($5-$6) unless you have a generous host.

We suggest that the ideal group size is no more than 20 people. If a club exceeds 20 members, a new Club Leader should be elected and a new club formed. Normally the newest members would become members in the new club.

The structure of our meetings is as follows:

We start each meeting by standing and reciting the 50-plus Achievers Affirmation. Sounds a little corny, but it serves to remind us all why we’re there and what we’re capable of. It is mainly a compilation of great quotes from inspiring people that have the ability to reach deep into our souls.

The Club Leader will then review any upcoming activities or make any announcements that have been submitted by other members. They will then give a motivational presentation based on the 50-plus Achievers Handbook and the Twelve Steps of 50-plus Achievement. (Club Leaders may also invite guest speakers to address the specific interests of the membership.)


Members then share their goals, and the progress they have since the last meeting. As we said before, this accountability is a very effective way to ensure that everyone is constantly making progress - however slowly!

Each member also outlines the tasks they have set themselves to achieve before the next meeting and the other members offer advice, help, encouragement or support.

If someone has achieved one of their goals they are presented by the Club Leader with a certificate and they receive much deserved adulation from the other members.

After the last member has spoken, the Club Leader will discuss community projects that the group may wish to get involved in and members can make suggestions of worthwhile projects that they are aware of.

make assignments and run through the announcements for those that turned up late. Then everyone will enjoy the refreshments (if anyone has thought to bring any). Since most meeting happen in drinking establishments, eateries or member’s homes there is normally some kind of food or beverages to hand.

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