About Us

The 50-Plus Achievers Club was formed inthe summer of 2015 to encourage and inspire those over fifty to improve their fitness, realise their goals/dreams and reach their full potential.

We do this by forming local clubs where members encourage, motivate and support one another in setting and achieving their goals.

We also:

  • Provide videos, handbooks and productivity tools.
  • Organise adventure trips,holidays, treks and outings for those with similar interests.
  • Invite members to undertake challenges, many of which are charity linked, to stretch them and move them out of their comfort zones.
  • Plan ways to be of greater value to those in our communities.
  • Celebrate and reward member achievements.

So if you want to write a book, learn a language, jump out of an airplane, bungee jump or trek along the Great Wall of China your adventure starts today!

In order to inspire one another we encourage members to wear their 50-plus Achievers Club tee shirts or caps on their adventures and share their photographs on our website, twitter feed and Facebook page.

So what are you waiting for? Join the 50-plus Achievers Group today and make your dreams come true.

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